Tony deVit

Legend Dance Music DJ

Never Forgotten

Tony deVit grew to be one of the most respected DJ’s of 1995-97, not only being the ‘godfather’ of hard-house but a pioneer in sound and DJ technique.

Simon Parkes, was proud to have worked alongside him in production and as a friend for over six years before parting company in 1997 due to an unavoidable disagreement, one which may have been solved but not to be due to his untimely death in 1998.

Simon and Tony had a fantastic time within the music industry and the short time spent together was like a whirlwind time-warp of an opportunity in making both our dreams come true having a common ground of passion in electronic dance music production and composition.

Tony had a natural focused energy in what he wanted to achieve and shared that with everyone he came into contact with. A sound and smile you knew when you entered his domain….DJing in front of an audience! A sound, even to this day, people have never forgotten!

True TDV Facts

  • FACT: Tony loved Star Trek, especially voyager. He once watched a whole collection of series back to back on video…then i did the same after! He also had various models of the ships he had as gifts!
  • FACT: Cycling became a passion for him as he became obsessed that he was getting fat…..we used to cycle to and from the shops in Birmingham City Centre….and got Andy & Alex involved too!
  • FACT: Tony’s house was once home to two Alsatian dogs and two owls – Then an aquarium of tropical fish and an Iguana!!
  • FACT: Tony used a sunbed……he owned one in fact…..we all used it…haha!

Original TDV Tracks

Original TDV tracks written by Tony deVit & Simon Parkes.


Occupation Before DJing:

A: – ” Ceramaspeed – Manager, stores and PC Data clerk”

First Gig:

A: – “Market Tavern, Kidderminster @ 18yrs old! Got paid £25!”

Memorable Gig:

A: – “Trade ….playing for 12 hours from 3:30am – 3:30pm in 1995 (whitsun week).”

Worst Gig:

A: – Adelaide, “There was a mix up and I got sent to the wrong club. It was a lovely place but the guys were in suits and ties and the women had handbags. I was playing hard house and they were thinking ‘where’s Kylie?’ The police came near the end and took three people away and everyone just left.”

Favourite Club:

A: – “There isn’t a club I’ve ever been to that compares to Trade.”

DJ Trademark:

A: – “I’ve got a bag of records only for Trade; on the main circuit I play on a harder tip. I’m up-front, play things before the others and matching the music is a big thing for me.”
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