Frozen UK Recording Suite

studio 1 2012

Apple Mac Pro Desktop - 8 Core - 8Gb - 4HD's - 2 x 27" HD LCD LED Monitors Custom Dual Core PC - Used as a soft synth - fitted with RME Digi 24/96 Interface to Profire & M-Audio Delta 24/96 for Midi. Logic Audio Pro 9 + Plugins (Many Effects & Instruments to mimic the old hardware studio). Focusrite Safire Pro 40 Sound Card - A fantastic 1U 20in/20out Firewire Soundcard. KRK RP8 Near Nield Monitors - great sound and bass definition for active monitors. Novation Zero SL MK1 controller - An extra midi controller...Automix not used. Novation Keystation 88 Keyboard - A fantastic semi-weighted 88 note keyboard with a full array of controllers. Behringer Ultracurve - setup between soundcard and monitors - RTA done to achieve a flat response. AKG 414 Microphone - A fantastic ex-BBC microphone for vocals together with pop filter.

FrozenUK1 perspect