Simon Parkes

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From studying and working with computers and electronics back in 1995 after leaving St Edmund Campion RC school, Simon first stumbled into electronic music production at a local (Aston, Erdington, Birmingham) recording studio 'Connections Arts' where he first had a taste of professional recording equipment including the then new Korg M1 and Atari 1040STE running C-Lab Creator.

Due to the course being 'full' to capacity with students at that time and studio time within the tiny studio was scarce.....but using initiative and his past electronic/computer experience and skills he managed to persuade the then studio manager, Michael Turner, to gain exclusive access if, in return, he rewired the whole studio to make it more functional.....and that he did!

clab creator

Music Machine, Kings Norton, was his first REAL 'studio' job, working as assistant engineer to John Purser, the studio proprietor who mainly hired the studio to backing track singers and small local artists.

Music Machine was based around a 16 track Fostex B16 reel-to-reel and a Soundcraft 32 channel 8-bus desk, Atari mega ST running Cubase (V2). After a couple of years at the studio, Simon managed to scrape together his own studio equipment to setup within his bedroom back in Erdington, but it wasn't until a good close friend invested a large sum of money into his venture that he managed to purchase everything he needed for his own home midi-based recording studio.

During the setting up of his home studio, Simon teamed up with an old school friend Andy Spencer who also had a passion for music, decided to help Simon distribute his new demo tracks to top record labels, but this wasn't going to be easy...!

Andy using his 'Sales Rep' talk, managed to setup several meetings with top record label A&R (with thanks to his 'Music Week' directory), so Simon got his demo tapes together and both headed on down to London for a long day!

Only PWL (Pete Waterman Ltd) shown any interest in his demo's which, thanks to XL recordings' was going to be Simon's 'foot in the door' to bigger things!

'Rofo's Theme' was to be the first commercial remix of Simon's career which just missed the UK top 40 by going in at no. 44, not a bad effort for his first track and in 1992!!

tony de vitl

Still working occasionally at Music Machine, Simon was introduced to Tony de Vit, a local DJ who listened and liked Simon's demo's, so decided to hookup and co-write some new material using Simon's melodic tunes with Tony's harder edge ......a great partnership was born

Simon is now Based within rural Mid-Wales, within the town of Llanidloes, Powys running his own Pc repair Business, FZN Solutions, but still retains his own digital recording facility for private project use.

Simon is also proprietor running FZN Solutions, a Multimedia, PC Repair & Web design company.

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