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Who Are We?

Frozen UK is owned and managed by Simon Parkes, an electronic dance music veteran of 15+ years and co-writer to the late great DJ Tony de Vit.

Simon, a self taught keyboard player and engineer, moved up the ranks from a mere bedroom studio composing electronic dance music as a hobby to a professional studio owner, electronic dance music re-mixer, composer, engineer working alongside Tony de Vit, who sadly passed away in 1997.

From 1989, Simon composed a few early electronic dance music tracks then teamed up with a school friend and local DJ, Andy spencer which got played on Local Radio within Birmingham, such as BRMB and BBC RAdio WM.

First Remix for PWL

It wasn’t until his remix of an old Fonny de Wolf hi-NRG classic, ‘Rofo’s Theme‘ that charted just out of the top 40 at no. 44 as a personal ask from PWL’s Pete Waterman he started to take things a little more seriously and professionally!

Rofo’s Theme was composed originally within Simon Parkes’s home, bedroom recording studio (Midi House Studios) on just a couple of music modules and a sampler, home mixing console and some outboard effects modules.

The released mixdown was done within PWL’s own recording studio, the famous, Bunker!


First Demo

While still working part-time within a local commercial studio, in Kings norton, ‘Music Machine’ ran by proprietor John Purser, Simon passed on a demo cassette to the then upcoming DJ, Tony de Vit, via a studio client (Vince Williams), and then ‘Burning Up‘ was born. The rest is history!

The Demo consisted of several original electronic music dance tracks based on the dance music of the time in the early 90’s.

The demos and tracklist will be posted up here soon for you to listen to. 

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